180 min


Required prior knowledge: 

A student who takes the module “Observational research” should have an initial knowledge of qualitative research methodology. Students should be able to identify instances, when observational research is the most appropriate research strategy. Before starting this module, students are advised to read the “How do we choose research methods” module.

Module difficulty: 

Intermediate/advanced level

Main goals: 
  • to equip students with understanding about principles of observational research,
  • to familiarize students with the different forms of observational research and different forms of field notes,
  • to support students in creating their field notes,
  • to familiarize students with examples of observational research and providing some examples of tools which can be used in observational research,
  • to develop the ability to identify a challenges and possible risks of doing observational research.
Structure of the module: 

The module is divided into three parts. The first part contains a theoretical presentation of the forms of observational research, second part is devoted to explanation of possible problems and risks during observational research, and third part can be used both for students’ independent work and for work with a teacher during class. The third part also contains additional materials for teachers (lesson plan and additional exercises).

Start the lessons: