90 min

How to develop a research question?

Required prior knowledge: 

Students taking the module “How to develop a research question?” should have an initial knowledge of the research conceptualization process: be able to identify a research gap and be aware of the next steps in the research process. Therefore, before starting the module, students are advised to read the "How do we find “gaps” in our knowledge" module.

Module difficulty: 

Introductory level

Main goals: 

• To equip students with methodological knowledge of developing research questions;
• To familiarize students with the principles of formulating research questions;
• To support students in creating their own research questions;
• To familiarize students with the concept of “research hypothesis” and discussing its relationship with research questions;
• To develop the ability to identify a research gap.

Structure of the module: 

The module is divided into two parts. The first part contains a theoretical presentation of the topic (along with exercises), suitable both for a student's independent work and for work with a teacher during a lesson. The second part contains additional materials for the teacher (lesson plan and additional exercises).

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