90 min

How do we choose research methods?

Required prior knowledge: 

Student who take the module “How do we choose research methods?” should have a basic knowledge of the research conceptualization process. Above all, they should be able to identify a research gap, as well as formulate research questions and be aware of their importance for the success of the entire research process. Therefore, before starting the module, students are recommended to read the modules: "How do we find “gaps” in our knowledge" and "How to develop a research question?". For a full understanding of the material, the knowledge from the module "What is positivist and non-positivist (interpretivist) inquiry" will also be useful. Additionally, students should have some understanding of research methods used in social sciences.

Module difficulty: 

Intermediate level (some prior knowledge is necessary, listed in the “Required prior knowledge” section)

Main goals: 

• To familiarize students with the following terms: research method, methodology, research technique, research tool
• To develop the ability to identify quantitative and qualitative research questions (including formulation of research questions)
• To equip students with the knowledge and skills necessary to select a research method appropriate for their research project

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