120 min

Validity and reliability

Required prior knowledge: 

Students should have a some basic knowledge about quantitative research design, including how a research question and a research hypothesis are formulated, how participants for research are selected, and which method/s for data collection are most appropriate. In addition, some prior knowledge about certain procedures of data analysis is required (for example, the ability to read and understand the results of correlation and t test, or of the Cronbach’s alpha coefficient).

Module difficulty: 

Advanced (to investigate the reliability and validity of a measurement instrument and to make it more reliable and valid if necessary)

Main goals: 

• To understand how the concept of variables (independent and dependent variables) relates to the research question and/or hypothesis
• To understand the meaning of measurement, conceptualization, and operationalization, and their interconnectedness
• To be able to assess the reliability and validity of an assessment tool

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