100 min

Presenting research

Required prior knowledge: 

Students taking this module should have a good knowledge about the research process and should have experience with various steps of a research process (collecting data, writing a section of their dissertation). They should have knowledge about PowerPoint presentation (for example as part of previously delivered oral presentations in various classes). In order to solve the exercises in this module, students should have some preliminary results from an ongoing project, or in the process of writing their graduation thesis. Having completed a research methodology class is an advantage, although not required.

Module difficulty: 

Advanced level (in terms of academic writing skills and engagement with the research process)

Main goals: 

• To recognize different types of academic presentations
• To appreciate the importance of presenting results as part of the research process
• To use information resulting from own study in preparing an analytical study

Structure of the module: 

The module will include short reading material highlighting the key aspects to consider when preparing a presentation, exercises and reflection questions to facilitate learning, and final evaluations assignments. Additional readings are also included.

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